Writerly Beginnings

The beginning is always hard, especially for writers. We tend to spend our days thinking about writing, and dreaming about being alone with our computers or notebooks. When we finally sit down with a cup of coffee and position our hands over the keys, we write… nothing. We stare at the cursor, willing the words to appear. The idea is clear in our minds, but we can’t describe it.

Finally, we tentatively type: The h

Delete that and write: In the w

Scratch that: Once in the

Marge got

Who wants pe

Finally the g

Then we groan and throw our computers out of the window. Or we want to.

No one becomes a writer because it’s easy. It takes work, discipline, practice, and sleepless nights. Every writer has a story to tell, that’s why we become writers. We write because we can, because we love it, and because we couldn’t survive without it.

On this blog, I hope to capture my own writing journey and share what I’ve learned along the way. I will share my successes along with my mistakes. And I have made many mistakes. Failure is good because that’s how people change. Still, it’ll be nice to warn you to avoid the dumb things I did.

As a way of introduction, this is my writing space. The above photo features my laptop (its name is Sarge), with my favourite mug filled with coffee or tea, a lit scented candle, and a globe. Don’t ask about the globe. I also love playing instrumental music in the background as I work.

Comment below if you have any questions or comments about writing,  life, failures, or Sarge. Do not ask about the globe.

One Reply to “Writerly Beginnings”

  1. I am so super excited to read future posts! Random people reading this- it should be all kinds of illegal not to go check out “her” food blog!! I literally salivate- it’s so embarrassing- and the articles are so amazing! hashtag#1fan


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