Top 10 Writer Stereotypes that are Totally Wrong

Top 10 False Writer Stereotypes

Writers have a strange name in today’s media. In romantic stories, they are depicted as tortured artists, struggling to get their big break. Their clothes are disheveled and their hair is a mess. They moan over their typewriter, crumbling pages and throwing them onto the floor covered by papers and takeout boxes. One day, they find someone who becomes their muse and suddenly their book gets published and their dreams come true.

On the flip side, in horror stories, the writer is a middle-aged man who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Either he is tortured by the supernatural antagonist or he goes psycho. Fun for everyone.

Then there are the famous writers in the real world whose books get turned into movies. We don’t know much about them except that they are loaded.

These three examples lead to a lot of misconceptions about writers.

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Step-by-Step: How to Write a Book

Step-By-Step: How to write a book. The 5 stages you need to become an author.

“Becoming an author is easy. You write a story, send it to a publisher, and boom! You’re an author,” said my seventh-grade self.

I was eleven when I decided on writing as a career. I began many stories and didn’t finish them. I was waiting to create the book, the ultimate masterpiece, that I will send to a company and become famous. This misconception stayed with me for years until I left high school and became serious about my career. I researched the field and was stunned by how much I didn’t know.

“What are these beta readers everyone’s talking about? How many rounds of edits do you need? What’s an author platform? Do you need one? Is self-publishing better than traditional publishing? How do you query agents? What’s this? How do you do that? Is that needed?”

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How to Create a Writing Space

“Oh, I would totally write if I ever had the time,” said many non-writers.

That’s why I call them non-writers.

“Ho hum, I have nothing else to do with my life so I’ll write a book,” said no writer ever. In fact, some writers find this excuse insulting to the sacrifices they made to accomplish their writing goals.

Here’s the hard truth: Nobody has time for writing. We all have jobs, hobbies (which don’t include writing), families, friends, social engagements, and life requirements like sleep, food, doctor appointments, and carpools. So how are books written?

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Why You Should Write Tropes

What are Tropes?

Tropes are cliches, common themes, or trends in books.

Take the murderous butler, for example. So many detective thrillers have used ‘the butler was the killer all along’ plot twist, it has become a comedic gag. There’s also the ‘she woke up and realized it was all a dream’ cliche. As far as I know, Alice in Wonderland was the first book to do this. In my opinion, this trope is lazy storytelling; the author couldn’t think of a good ending, so he says it was all a dream. Yet this trope caught on to other stories, unfortunately.

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Writerly Beginnings

The beginning is always hard, especially for writers. We tend to spend our days thinking about writing, and dreaming about being alone with our computers or notebooks. When we finally sit down with a cup of coffee and position our hands over the keys, we write… nothing. We stare at the cursor, willing the words to appear. The idea is clear in our minds, but we can’t describe it.

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