Reading Old Notes from my Novel Journal

Three years ago, I was rewriting a novel I had begun in high school. I was 20 and as you’d expect, I had no clue what I was doing. I had written a lot at that point, but revising was a whole other skill I hadn’t developed.

So I turned to the internet for advice. One bit of wisdom was to warm up before a writing session by scribbling down my thoughts for a few minutes. This could be about the scene I was working on, thoughts about my characters, general ideas, or ranting about something else going on in my life.

So, before every writing session, I jotted down my thoughts in a separate Google doc, catagorized by the chapter title instead of the day’s date. Three years later, I found it again, and wow. The entries are plagued with doubts, angst, and regret. They taught me something important:

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